How do you make a happy ending

when you're afraid to take the first step?

13 July
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Chihiro Fushimi
Age: 12
Year: First
House: Ravenclaw
Birthday: July 13th
Gender: Female
Race: Half-veela

Likes: Being self-reliant, romance novels and shojo manga, nice/patient boys
Dislikes: Boys (especially scary or masculine ones), Veela and veela-centric stories

Other: Has mild (occasionally severe) androphobia
Chihiro Fushimi is a veela, though her father passed away when she was merely a child. As a result of her father's death and resulting absence in her upbringing, Chihiro's social skills were shaky at best, and when Chihiro's powers as a veela started to come into effect, she was very quickly overwhelmed by the unwanted attention of men. She envies normal girls who can fall in love normally, and envies women that are strong enough to be comparable to men. Her favorite, however, is reading about the women in romance novels; the girls that are shy, timid, ugly and worthless being able to overcome their hardships and turn from ugly ducklings into beautiful swans for one person. She does enjoy the image of a prince or a gentleman, but she is still young and shy and not yet able to get close enough to remedying her shyness for a boy at all. The main source of her androphobia is a rather bad experience with a boy that approached her at the start of her powers' appearance, and later got mad when he found out that the only reason he liked her was because she was a veela. At first, it confused her, but after a while she came to realize that it was true - she had developed little to no positive traits, and the only reason boys liked her was because of her effect on them. However, when the time came for her to attend school, she objected to her mother's offer of taking Chihiro to an all girl's school, because she wanted to overcome her fear of boys on her own.
People she trustsPeople she's afraid of
"Papa" Spirit Albarn
Yuiko Hawatari
Nia Teppelin
Natalia Alfroskaya
Shin Sawada
Light Yagami
Zero Kiryuu
Alfred F. Jones
Hel Odinson
Class List
Charms with Professor Cierra
Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Yukimi
History of Magic with Professor Treize
Potions with Professor Crane

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